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Training and educational activities have a preponderant role among the wide range of activities organized within the GBIF.ES framework. These activities (courses and workshops) are addressed to biodiversity data providers and data users to take the most of the millions data available through GBIF. Outreach is also one of its cornerstones, increasing the number of members of the GBIF community, the impact of its activities, and the cost-effectiveness of the work faced by so many people in this global effort.

Annual Training Plan

This section integrates the training activities offered by the Coordination Unit of GBIF Spain for the current year. This program is designed annually based on the needs and demands of biodiversity data users and providers, and it involves the participation of a well-established network of instructors.

Annual Plan

Training and Outreach (content in Spanish)

GBIF Spain has always opted for training as a way to make known the possibilities GBIF offers and the different aspects related to the biodiversity data usage (modelization, quality, legislation, etc.). In this section, you will find all activities hosted by or in which GBIF has participated, as well as all training material produced or used in them.



E-Learning is a learning method increasingly valued by GBIF Spain. It enhances the participation opportunities while allows an active tracking of all courses with a wider flexibility for timetables and organization. In this section, you can access the GBIF.ES E-learning platform and check all the courses organized by the Coordination Unit.