A well-consolidated training facility, all the given courses, an established trainer network and the increasing importance gained by GBIF.ES in the last years are an excellent base useful to multiply the impact of the biodiversity data publications, management and exploitation. E-learnings platforms are a great tool to achieve such goal and they have been developed to allow online access to learning materials and distance-learning courses.

We still consider there is a lack of this kind of resources and tools in Spanish, however, there is a large demand not only in Spain but also in Latin America, where many of the world biodiversity hotspots are located and there is an enormous potential scientific capacity.

In 2009, we chose the open source e-learning platform ATutor which was substituted in 2017 by the e-learning platform Chamilo. Apart from being easier to use, Chamilo is also controlled by the homonymous non-profit organisation whose main goal is the software development and the reduction of the digital gap between industrialized countries and less developed countries.

The login to the Virtual Platform will be able just for the admitted students during the dates the courses take place. The link to the login is: http://elearning.gbif.es