/ Software / Elysia Ligero: Simple software useful to make sheets, labels and specimen consultations from biological collections

Elysia Ligero: Simple software useful to make sheets, labels and specimen consultations from biological collections

Elysia Ligero is a simple software, designed to digitalize biological material in an easy and fast way. Elysia Ligero was created as a simplified version of Zoorbar and Herbar (now merged in Elysia) thought for those users with fewer needs in relation to the management of their collections. This software allows to label specimens and seeings, locations and scientific names, creating different types of labels, making queries and compiling lists of materials. Thus, Elysia is a very useful tool for researchers and students who want to store information about their specimens in databases.

Elysia Ligero has also been created to exchange data with Zoorbar, Herbar, and Elysia but just in simple collection management. Nevertheless, it is a very useful complement for those who have their main collection hosted in any of these two software and an alternative for those institutions with few material exchanges and loans.

Elysia Ligero is available in Spanish, Catalan, English and Portuguese.

If you need support to migrate your collection or in other process related to this software, please contact us at

Microsoft Windows
(64 or 32 bits)

Microsoft Office 32 bits
(2007 or newer)

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Elysia Ligero enables the following functionalities:

  • Management of scientific names, identifications and revisions.
  • Management of georeferencing using a bibliographic dataset for locations (GEOREF).
  • Management of countries, provinces and cities.
  • Creation of different types of labels, including labels for microscopic preparations.
  • Data export to .kml format for their visualization in Google Earth.
  • Export to a standard format for its visualization on Internet (Darwin Core Archive).
  • Multiple settings for data consultation.
  • Assignment of Universally Unique Identifier (UUID).
  • Labelling of specimens through the use of simple forms by creating "Fast Entry" charts (plain charts easily used with forms) consistent with Elysia.
  • It includes an attribute system (additional items to those included in the "Fast Entry" chart) which allows adapting forms for specimen labelling to the needs of the different collections. Such attributes can be grouped into domains and, in turn, these can be grouped in disciplines to facilitate its management. It offers the possibility of setting these attributes, so they can be adapted to all type of life kingdom in any of their disciplines. It allows importing attribute charts previously configured in other software.
  • The "Fast Entry" charts can be stored in the same databases, simplifying the configuration.

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Pando F., Lujano M., Cezón K. Elysia Ligero (versión): una aplicación sencilla para hacer fichas, etiquetas y consultas de ejemplares de colecciones biológicas (consulta: fecha cuando fue consultado). GBIF.ES. Real Jardín Botánico (CSIC). Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades.